see you ON ICE January 27 !!!

see you ON ICE January 27 !!!

It’s another frigid Friday!

I will keep this message short & sweet. Since our last communication a week ago, the ice has grown thick enough for us to be ON ICE!!!

As of Thursday, Jan 18 (yesterday) our team consistently measured 11″ from shore to 300′ out, and 9.5″ beyond that. We expect a few more inches to build over the weekend – much more than enough to surpass our 10″ mark throughout, and to weather the tiny bit of melt we’ll get with the warming temps next week.

Staff members will be mapping out the village today and artists install their projects this weekend. We’ll be ready to greet the public on SATURDAY, JANUARY 27 at 10am!

While you get ready to meet us at the gate on opening day, take a look at our website to plan your visit and consider making a donation in advance of attending.

Stay tuned for teasers on all the fun ahead.

On behalf of the staff & board,

Erin Lavelle signature

Erin Lavelle (she/her/hers)
Artistic Director

two people set out with tools to measure ice

Syd and Erin set out to measure ice on January 18, 2024. Photo: Dave Kapell