Support a joyous event that celebrates art, winter and community!

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Art Shanty Projects depends on support from our community. Please donate any amount that is meaningful to you!

Art Shanty Projects is a Minneapolis based 501(c)3 charitable organization that values joy and inclusion.  Our public art event is free to attend, but not free to produce. Our sustainability depends on donations from individuals, businesses, and grant funding.

Individuals are invited to support our 2024 season! Gifts in any amount are welcome; seasonal membership start at $25.

Businesses are invited to make cash and/or in-kind donations!

We have intentionally made this event free so it is accessible to everyone. Your donation will help make it possible and will help cover our costs which include:

  • 19 shanty artist groups
  • 20 performance groups
  • Two year-round part time and four seasonal staff members
  • ASL interpreters and audio describers
  • Medics
  • Permits, plowing and more

It takes a village to build a vibrant art village on ice….JOIN US!

A crowd of people dance around in butterfly wings on a snow-covered lake

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a large crowd in colorful winter-wear gathers around musicians on the frozen lake, with shanties and people in the background

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