2020 Art Shanty Projects Accessibility Plan, with support from the ADA Access Improvement Grant from VSA Minnesota, with funds from the Metro Regional Arts Council:

  • An ADA compliant ramp will bring visitors from the shore down to the surface of the lake.
  • Pathways will be plowed on ice from shore to village.
  • Kick sleds will be available with volunteers ready to offer assistance traversing the distance from shore to village and for use throughout the festival. Two of them accommodate a wheelchair.
  • Accessible parking is available to permitted cars in lots near the bandshell park.
  • Accessible restrooms will be available on shore near the parking lot.
  • ASL interpretation and audio description are available from 11:30 – 2:30pm daily. Meet at the Welcome Shanty and we will connect you with your guide!
  • Guides with descriptions of shanties and performances, crediting all artists involved will be available.
  • Our Artist Outreach Program provides extra support for artists that might not otherwise take part in the program.
  • Board and staff received training from an access consultant on compliance and etiquette to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for all community members.
  • Our accessibility efforts during the festival will be evaluated by a professional to help develop a plan for future years.

Removing barriers and limitations to participation is an ongoing project. We are looking forward to this being a year of learning, information gathering, and planning for ways we can build a village that can be fully enjoyed by everyone. We appreciate receiving your feedback via email as we continue on this journey!