Accessibility + Art Shanty Projects



Art Shanty Projects embraces the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in our commitment to ensuring that all members of our community can participate as fully as possible in our arts events, programs, meetings, facilities and communications. Accessibility is built into the fabric of how we do art and what we expect from artists.

NOTE as of 1/12/23: Due to rapidly deteriorating ice on Bdé Umáŋ / Lake Harriet, Art Shanty Projects’ annual program will be presented as “Plan Beach” this year instead of ‘On-Ice.” With this adjustment from a flat surface of the frozen lake to the hilly and uneven terrain of the park, our accessibility plan has been adjusted. We acknowledge that with Plan Beach not all projects will be placed in areas that are physically accessible due to uneven terrain and existing park infrastructure. We’re doing our best to create a welcoming environment within the constraints presented.

(updated 1 19 23)

  • Parking: Accessible parking is available to permitted cars in lots near the bandshell park.
  • Paths: Pathways will be plowed throughout portions of the village, as allowed by existing park infrastructure. 
  • Kicksleds: due to the recent warm weather and rain, the park paths do not have enough snow to accommodate our kicksled fleet (as of 1/19/23).  That said, the projects near paved paths are relatively accessible as-is! Stay tuned for possible future options to ride the kicksleds, weather and conditions permitting.
  • Restrooms: Porta-potties are available on shore near the parking lot, including ADA units.
  • Sign Language Interpreters & Audio Describers: ASL interpretation and audio description services are available from 11am – 2pm daily. Meet at the Welcome Shanty and we will connect you with your guide!
  • Printed Maps: Printed maps will be available with shanty names and relevant accessibility and sensory information.  Ask for one at the Welcome Shanty!
  • Free Store Shanty: Artists are offering new and gently used winter wear free to the public in the shanty village.
  • Signage: We are committed to creating high contrast signage throughout the village.
  • Shanties and Performances: Staff works with artists directly to incorporate accessibility into their project design.
  • Training: Board and staff receive accessibility training and disability etiquette to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for all community members.
  • Outreach: We will work with an accessibility consultant to ensure members of the disability community are invited to our program.
  • Evaluation: Our accessibility efforts during the festival will be evaluated by a professional to help develop a plan for future years.


This is a brief overview of our Plan Beach accessibility plans (which have been modified from our original “On-Ice” plans). We are committed to removing barriers and limitations in all that we do. We understand that accessibility is an integral part of our work and integrate funding for accessibility resources into our annual budget. Our larger accessibility plan includes areas such as: communications, website, meetings, off-ice events, engagement with people with disabilities, partnerships, organizational planning and training, and grievance procedures.

See the full board-approved plan for our 2023 season.

Learn more about our 2023 program here!

If you have accessibility needs, questions or requests, please contact us:

We appreciate receiving your feedback via email as we continue on this journey.