Board Members

Board Members

If you are invested in supporting radical, temporary art projects and supporting community on a frozen Minnesota lake, please apply to join the Art Shanty Projects Board of Directors! 


We are a working board, as well as being responsible for the long term fiscal health of the festival, the staff, and working artists. We embrace many skill sets, and are especially looking for people with experience or interest in basic accounting, leadership, basic construction, development, and strategic planning.

We are looking for engaged, motivated individuals with a demonstrated commitment to any or all of the following: accessibility, decolonizing art and arts organizations, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. The typical time commitment is an average of 10 hours per month and more during the festival season.

We want our future to be influenced by the voices of our community. We are specifically seeking board members who are Indigenous/Native (especially Native folks from our regional nations), Black, Asian, Latinx, Queer, and/or who have disabilities, but all people invested in supporting radical temporary art are encouraged to apply.

3 board members smiling and posing while collecting donations in winter gear carrying a bucket, and a floatation ring saying "no skinny dipping".
Board Member Amber bjork
A smiling woman wearing a sash and decorative lime hat welcomes you to the art shanty projects.
Two people wearing parkas work together to build a red art shanty