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Cruise down memory lane and explore all the exciting frozen fun from past years!

Art Shanty Projects was founded in by two artists taking inspiration from ice-fishing houses and pop-up communities that come together on Minnesota’s frozen lakes each winter. They saw potential to create an artists’ happening in an extreme environment; to embrace and reinvent a beloved cultural practice; and to encourage personal expression and community engagement through temporary structures and performances. This culminated in artists gathering to produce multi-disciplinary shanties and integrated programming on Medicine Lake.

Art Shanty Projects has since shifted lake sites and grown to become a (mostly) annual event. Attendance has risen from 5,000 in 2007 to more than 28,000 in 2022. The festival welcomes curious locals, regional artists, and visitors from beyond our borders to explore the “shanty village,” a one-of-a-kind art experience. Tens of thousands emerge to face subzero temperatures, deep snowfall, wind and even rain to experience this uniquely Minnesotan event.


Thank you for visiting us this winter for Art Shanty Projects: Plan Beach in South Minneapolis! We were delighted to welcome grown adults and kids of all ages to play / learn / grow / laugh / smile / sing / groove / gather with us in the Art Shanty village.

A group of adults and kids pose wearing their colorful art cars made of cardboard in front of a pyramid shaped shanty
Three adults wearing bug antenna hats wrap up in giant painted butterfly wings as they pose for a portrait
Two people in fabulous ski suits play with hula hoops. A boom box shaped shanty is in the background
A choir dressed in fiery winterwear sings on a red open air stage while a small group of kiddos eagerly listen and watch


ASP continues to be ambitious in our desire to connect with our community and with the environment. This year we embraced all the things that came at us. We built community, encouraged sustainability, and took safety into account. We are proud to continue providing a vibrant space for artists and visitors to eagerly exchange with one another during the isolating months of winter (oh, and also during a pandemic…).

A person sings into a mic in front of an amp-shaped shanty.
Two people in drag interact with a crystal shaped shanty and a hula hoop
People joyfully dance in front of a shanty shaped like a giant amp
A person at an easel paints a portrait of a red shanty in the distance


We had 22 shanties and 12 performance groups this year, featuring more than 100 artists. Nearly half of the artist teams were new to the shanties, and several individual artists reported that they had never been on a frozen lake before!

Three volunteers in sashes stand under the red entrance arch with smiles on their faces.
A crowd of people circle around a yellow banner.

More Shantiquity

More archival content from way back to our founding in 2004 is coming soon! Stay tuned, Shanty fans!

The original shanty. a boxy red shanty on a snowy lake with a shovel resting next to the open door.