2023 Art Shanty Projects

2023 Art Shanty Projects

Bdé Umáŋ/ Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN
January 21 – February 12, 2023

Thank you for visiting us this winter for Art Shanty Projects: Plan Beach in South Minneapolis! We were delighted to welcome grown adults and kids of all ages to play / learn / grow / laugh / smile / sing / groove / gather with us in the Art Shanty village.


The program offerings this year included 18 Shanties (15 of them new) that stayed up all month, and more than 20 performances + Art Actions that popped up throughout the village at different times throughout the run.

Music was featured prominently. Many artists focused on sustainability, environmentalism, and climate change in both thematic content and choices this year, with two shanties harnessing energy from the sun to create sonic experiences. Other structures were made primarily of repurposed materials. Artists are deconstructing pallets for wood, sourcing materials from a local effort called ‘Lumberstash,’ and generally demonstrating curiosity about their impact.

Read all about the projects and check out the performance schedule


ASL interpreters and audio describers were available from 11am – 2pm on all festival dates. To see our full accessibility plan and accommodations, please click here!


Artists had great success with the exterior-only festival in 2022, adapting with whimsical creativity and expanding the notion of what a shanty project can be! (and we did not spread the omicron variant amongst artists or staff members during the surge). With the trajectory of the pandemic still taking twists and turns, and in the spirit of abundant love and caution for our community, we once again offered an EXTERIOR-ONLY program in 2023 for visitors. Artists have continued to wow us with innovative inside-out designs, and they – along with staff and board members – feel supported in keeping the adaptations this year. This was temporary (we won’t do this forever), and was also the most stable choice for our organization at this time.


It takes a village to build a village, and there are many ways to actively participate! If you loved visiting us, sign up for our newsletter to get announcements on future fun. You can also contribute money, goods or services!

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