2025 Call for Performances + Art Actions


Deadline for applications: 11:59pm CST – July 11, 2024

This call is for PERFORMANCES + ART ACTIONS only. The call for shanty artists is available HERE.


Art Shanty Projects is currently seeking winter enthusiasts and creative adventurers to propose art actions and performances for our 2025 On-Ice Program. We invite music-makers, poets, scientists, dancers, puppeteers, writers, outdoors-people, conversationalists, activists, athletes, storytellers, etc. to propose new and innovative ways to engage artistically with the public in the social context of a village on a frozen lake (or winter beach, as climate change may necessitate). 

We have an expansive notion of what constitutes a performance or art action, and have welcomed dance, creative sporting events, happenings, carnival games, music, temporary sculpture, puppet shows, artful haircuts, advice booths, climate actions, and more.

Did you miss the ARTIST FORUM on June 18? No worries, we got you! Photos that illustrate the types of projects, spaces and requirements, and a recording of the zoom session can be found HERE!



Since 2004 Art Shanty Projects has created joyful winter art experiences for grown adults and kids of all ages. Inspired by pop-up ice fishing villages, we use the frozen lake as a public platform to create a temporary creative community, immersing participants in a colorful village filled with interactive installations and performances. With few regulations and no building codes – and against intense and unpredictable winter weather conditions – artists of all career stages and disciplines have the freedom and challenge to create wild and wonderful work that can’t be experienced anywhere else. Together, with tens of thousands of annual visitors, we celebrate, champion, and embrace the extreme winter sport of art making. 

Art Shanty Projects is deeply committed to social, racial, gender, and economic justice. Our community of participants – artists, visitors, sponsors, staff, and board – includes BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), FTW (Femme, Trans, Women) and queer (LGBTQIA2S+) individuals, and people with disabilities. ASP is committed to building accessibility into the fabric of how we do art and what we expect from artists. We embrace the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in our commitment to assuring that all members of our community can participate as fully as possible in our arts events, programs, meetings, facilities and communications. 

Please read our Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles here!



  1. The town square/triangle – this is a large open space in the middle of the village. It is surrounded by shanties and is a hub of activity. It’s ideal for performances that can handle a bit of mild chaos (examples of projects that did well here a participatory flash mob, a game of trash-ket ball).
  2. At our performance stage! This open-air platform provides a landing spot for more presentational performances. If you need a grounding space or backdrop for your performance, it’s a good option for you. (examples of past projects that have done well here: Taiko drumming, theatrical shows)
  3. Pathways and in-between spaces – performing anywhere in and around plowed paths and areas between shanties in the village. Roving projects are ideal for these spaces.  (examples of past projects that have done well here: Winter Plein Air PaintersLady Bear)
  4. At a specific shanty (note: this needs to be coordinated with the shanty, and depends on acceptance of both projects!)
  5. In another open space, tbd (there are always some projects that have specific needs, which we will do our best to accommodate! Examples include an Ice skating performance and Native lacrosse)

Depending on weather conditions projects may be required to perform on shore if the ice conditions are not safe.


We enthusiastically welcome visitors of all ages and abilities, and performers must incorporate accessibility into their engagement design! Applicants should demonstrate they have considered accessibility in their proposal. If your project is selected our staff will work with you on your accessibility plan and share tips and best practices for our unique context.


Everyone is eligible, because we believe everyone is an artist! We are creating a community environment for co-learning, welcoming artists at all stages of their careers and pursuits in public art.

There are no application fees. 

Projects that involve selling anything or the exchange of legal currency will not be accepted!

Artists are not expected to have experience with everything we ask about in this proposal, but should demonstrate an eagerness to engage and develop new skills and be open to new perspectives and ideas. Each year we have a balance of returning performers and newbies – and informal mentorship takes place.


We understand each project has unique needs.

Stipends for Performances + Art Actions are on a sliding scale up to $900. We ask artists to request an amount that makes sense for their project. 

We recommend considering the number of performances you plan to do, duration, size of your group, material costs, etc when determining your request. Some guidelines include:

  • $900 – an activity that lasts an entire day, two half days, or once every weekend. Larger groups or more ambitious projects, production-wise
  • $450 – an activity that lasts a half day, or for two shorter periods over two days
  • $225 – activities that are short or only happen only once; smaller groups or solo activities; low-tech/low-production projects

Art Shanty Projects does its best to support artists financially and logistically. In addition to the stipend, we provide direct production support throughout the process, as well as additional resources for discounted materials and resource sharing through our partner organizations whenever possible.

During the program ASP also supports artists by providing a shared warming shanty, a hot meal (we are able to accommodate almost all dietary considerations), snacks, hot beverages, hand and toe warmers, one parking space per project, and a cheerful and hardworking staff to support the smooth operation of the festival. We also have a medic onsite for any minor needs.



June 18, 6 – 7:30 pm: ARTIST FORUM (online – register in advance here!)

July 11: Deadline for proposal submissions (11:59pm CST) 

August: Artists selected and notified

September 10, 6-8pm (DATE CHANGE): In-person meeting for all Shanty Artists and Performers, location TBD in S Mpls (SAVE THIS DATE in case your proposal is selected; this will be a mandatory meeting for at least one member of your team); Paperwork due at this time (contract, community agreement, leave no trace policy). In person attendance is prioritized to build community. A virtual option is available for out of town artists or people who are currently experiencing illness.

October: Project production meetings (virtual); preliminary content forms due (so we can announce your projects!)
October – date TBD: Artist Study Hall  (in person!) – build community of peers, share tips, ask questions, get inspired

November: Project production meetings, con’t (virtual);

December: Final artist content due (images + project descriptions for website; accessibility notes)


January 7, 6pm-8pm: All-artist check-in IN PERSON, location TBD in S Mpls (mandatory for at least 1 member from each artist team). In person attendance is prioritized to build community. A virtual option is available for out of town artists or people who are currently experiencing illness.

January 18 – February 9: On-Ice Program, every Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm
February 4: Member Night on Ice – 6-8pm, in the village (optional)

February 6: alternate date for Member Night on Ice – 6-8pm, in the village (optional; only in case of bad weather on Feb 4)

February (date TBD): Wrap Party (in person, optional)



Please visit our FAQs

View the Artist Forum recording and see the slides / photos we shared.

If we haven’t proactively answered your question, contact Erin Lavelle, Artistic Director: program@artshantyprojects.org

a person stands next to an easel with a half painted portrait of a shanty
larger than life puppets perform on a stage while visitors watch
Two people with a giant arm puppet that has two hands roam the village
Scene from a yoga class on the frozen lake. People are in a warrior pose.
two visitors laugh while engaging with a chef puppet at a performance

Scenes from past programs illustrate a variety of performance and art action ideas. Spaces pictured, clockwise from top left: at a specific shanty, at the performance stage, in the town triangle, roving, at in-between spaces. Photos courtesy ASP staff and Ryan Stopera.