we’re postponing one week!

we’re postponing one week!


Frigid greetings to you, fellow winter adventurers!

In the past week I’ve been watching the lake ice form, melt and creep back in as temperatures have danced around a freezing point. I’ve also been watching the bandshell and Bread & Pickle construction inch along. Slowly. 

As of yesterday there is still open water on the lake, but incoming subzero temperatures are giving us hope for a deep freeze; construction to essential park infrastructure remains incomplete, impacting our back of house / event operations space and public accessibility. Due to these factors combined, staff members have decided to postpone our opening date to January 27th. The program will end as scheduled on February 11 with no extension.

Working within this adjusted timeline we are considering multiple options and scenarios on how to proceed, depending on how quickly the ice builds (we need 10” — keep that fun fact in your ASP trivia back pocket!). In our dreamiest of dreams the ice will be thick enough for us to install our village 300’ from shore, as usual. Another option we’re considering is installing closer to shore, in the shallows (assuming the lake is still suitable for pedestrians further out, minimum 4”  there / 10” throughout our village). This scenario leaves room for pulling shanties further out eventually if conditions improve. Our final option will be to pivot again to Plan Beach if the ice is simply unsafe or if the extended forecast calls for melting temperatures. 

It takes us a week to install everything, so we will make our final decision by Friday, January 19 and artists will begin installing on Saturday, January 20.  We’ll keep ya posted!

We’ve weathered all of these scenarios in the past – and learned from them! We’ve got the best producers on our team who demonstrate the classic Art Shanty can-do attitude and playful, smart, creative, hardworking approach we’re known for. We met with artists on Tuesday and reviewed these options, and are rescheduling performances that were originally slated for opening weekend. The artist vibe is generally appreciative and supportive and everyone will be ready to greet you on land, ice, or waaaaay far out ice! Fingers crossed!

Once again, STAY TUNED…

On behalf of the staff, thank you for rolling with us as we work with these unpredictable conditions.

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Erin Lavelle (she/her/hers)
Artistic Director