Announcing the 2022 Artist Projects!

Announcing the 2022 Artist Projects!

Get your snowsuits ready. After taking a pandemic pause with public programming, WE’RE BACK and we’re thrilled to announce the 2022 artist projects!


The Amermanaughti
Chad Anderson, Samuel Granum, Sarah Honeywell, Angela Maki North, Aaron Prust

As Seen From Below

Flight of Swallows

Fake Healing
Jacob Carrigan, Stephani Pescitelli

Free Store Shanty
Shanty Friends Supergroup

The Garden Under Your Breath
Tom Bierlein, Clare Brennan, Mike Curran

HearSee Hall Shanty
Derek Ahlberg, Jeff Berg, Paul Owen

Huldufólk Hall Village
Jerry Carlson Team

The Institute for Perpetual Unfolding
The Institute for Perpetual Unfolding

Introspective Monuments
Temple of Agency

Linden Hills Neighborhood Shanty
Linden Hills Neighborhood Council, Eric Hansen, Ed Bell, Christy Prediger, Tippy Madden, Mike Knutson and Chuck Sullivan

The Portals
Jess Bergman Tank, Brad Buxton, Heather Doyle, Susan Haugen, Victoria Lauing, Jhyle Rinker

Reduce, Reuse, Rage
Michael Lonchar, Tim Manalo, Molly McIntosh, Lexis Thompson,  Joseph Vang, Emma Wood, Sara Wood

Rock Box
Nick Knutson & The Rockers 

Texture Garden
Angie Courchaine and Arnée Martin

The Tick-Tock Shanty (The Shanty Where We Waste Time)
The Winding Sheet Outfit

Welcome Shanty
Art Shanty Projects Board Members

Winter Birds of Minnesota
Eva Adderley, Dan Demarco, Kallie Melvin, Laura Korynta


Art of Xanadu
Moonshine Sax, Puff, RZ Shahid

Lisa Marie Carlson, Patty Gille, Max Haynes, Mina Leierwood, Patti Paulson, Peter Schulze

Color Harmony by Winter Plein Air Painters
Jack Dant, Allison Eklund, Greg Finnegan, Tom McGregor, Rich Myers, Lisa Stauffer, Michelle Wegler

Bridges Through Yoga

The Goddess of the Glaciers
Jill Waterhouse

Hou(se) The Weather? 
Zamya Theater Project

How To Move With Wonder
Sophia Munic & Kaya Lovestrand

Ice Flow Arts for All!
Minneapolis Hoop Jams

Pollinator Flash Mob
Terry McDaniel

Prairie Fire Lady Choir
Prairie Fire Lady Choir

The Rainflower Project
Damien Wolf

Janet Groenert

Skate the Village
American Ice Theatre Minneapolis-St. Paul

Twin Cities Native Lacrosse

Trash-ket Ball
Joni Griffith, Sarina Partridge

Wearable ArtCar Parade
The ArtCar and ArtBike Artists of Minnesota

And a few more coming soon . . . 

See individual project images and descriptions here!

The Art Shanty Projects On-Ice program will take place on Bde Unma / Lake Harriet from January 15 through February 6, 2022. Public hours are 10am – 4pm every Saturday and Sunday.