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Pollinator Shanty

Year: 2020
Artists: Tara Fahey, Janet Groenert, Mina Leierwood, Terry McDaniel, Richard Parnell and Peter Schulze collaborate with educators from the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge, Suzanne Trapp and Thia Xiong
Buzz by the Pollinator Shanty’s wrap-around mural showcasing the need for survival of a Minnesota native garden pollinator. Pick a bicycle, strap on a helmet, and explore the shanty village through the eyes of a pollinator. Waggle into a flash mob with fellow insects to “Stayin’ Alive.” (Learn the dance for the flash mob here!) Upon entry, you are instantly transported to the oyamel forest between the Mexican states of Michoacán and Estado de Mexico where Minnesota monarchs have migrated. Create a butterfly puppet and warm up by the Chimenea.