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Nauticult: A Cautionary Tale

A digital collage, a metallic golden sun's hollow center reveals an infinity symbol. Underneath, a cracked ice sheet separates a stranded houseboat and the words "Nauticult: A Cautionary Tale". Gold lines like a topographical map run faintly in the background.
Year: 2020
Artists: Sam Granum, Sarah Honeywell, Aaron Prust, Angela Maki North
Nauticult presents the tale of a shipwrecked crew who have lost all hope of rescue. Their ship has become entombed in the ice of Bde Unma. They are desperate and hungry. In this time of desperation our crew seeks the leadership of a charismatic guide. Could it be you???? Or are you just another devoted follower? Either way we hope you will join our crew. After all… You’re already onboard.