Announcing the Schedule of Performances + Art Actions

While every shanty is open during all public hours, the Performances + Art Actions rotate! Check out the schedule and descriptions below to help plan your visit. Opening weekend (January 18 & 19) is Youth & Families weekend, which has programming specifically designed for younger audiences. January 25 overlaps with the Lake Harriet Kite Festival so expect art in the air as well as on the ice (and LOTS of people)!


SATURDAY, JANUARY 18 (Youth and Families Weekend)
10am – 4pm: Thakápsičapi (They Play Lacrosse) @ The Playing Field
11 & 2:30: Stayin’ Alive @ Town Square
11:30am & 3pm: Nitka – begins @ Town Square
Noon – 3: Patti Pucker: Live on the Ice! – roving

SUNDAY, JANUARY 19 (Youth and Families Weekend)
11am – 12:30pm: LADY BEAR! – roving
11am & 2:30pm: Stayin’ Alive @ Town Square
Noon: The World’s Only Tiny ArtCar Parade on Ice @ Town Square
1 – 3pm: Winter Plein Air Painters – interspersed

10am – 4pm: Minnesota Nickel – roving
11am & 2:30pm: Stayin’ Alive @ Town Square
Noon – 3pm: Patti Pucker: Live on the Ice! – roving
Noon – 4pm: Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival – adjacent
1 – 2:30pm: LADY BEAR! – roving

10am – 4pm: Minnesota Nickel – roving
11am & 2:30pm: Stayin’ Alive @ Town Square
Noon: The World’s Only Tiny ArtCar Parade on Ice @ Town Square
Noon – 4pm: Circulating Nest – interspersed

11am & 2:30pm: Stayin’ Alive @ Town Square
11am & 2pm: That Reminds Me @ Star Light, Star Bright shanty
Noon – 3pm: Patti Pucker: Live on the Ice! – roving
1, 2 & 3pm: LeadFoot to the Xanadu @ -7° Entry Danceteria shanty

11am & 2:30pm: Stayin’ Alive @ Town Square
Noon: The World’s Only Tiny ArtCar Parade on Ice @ Town Square
3pm: Snow-ga @ Town Square

11am & 2:30pm: Stayin’ Alive @ Town Square
10am – 4pm: Step Right Up Voting Booth @ Town Square
Noon – 3pm: Patti Pucker: Live on the Ice! – roving

11am & 2:30pm: Stayin’ Alive @ Town Square
Noon: The World’s Only Tiny ArtCar Parade on Ice @ Town Square
1-3pm: Winter Plein Air Painters – interspersed
3:30-4pm: Closing Singalong with Prairie Fire Lady Choir  @ Town Square


Circulating Nest
Artists: Bella Yaga: Anna Johnson Alana Horton Joni Griffith Peter Morrow 
During the day, Circulating Nest is a temporary tent installation. As sunset approaches, we move to the interior of the tent and activate it with improvised folk music.

Artists: Kim Ford, Mallory Meredith, Anthony Chapin, Thalia Kostman, Aaron Fiskaradatz, Rhiannon Fiskaradatz, Jamieson Werling, Eden Spencer, Rob Werling, Yvonne Frise, Chris Lutter, Josh Vogen. 
LADY BEAR! comes to the Art Shanty Projects from the Far North to dance with you, roar her delight and explore. Be awed, do a jig, and discover how you can help stop her home, the Arctic Ice Cap, from rapidly melting.

LeadFoot To The Xanadu
Artist: Rz Shahid 
LeadFoot To The Xanadu takes you on an adventure through the mind and emotions of Rz Shahid, a man navigating life and fulfilling their destiny. It is a musical piece that transforms obstacles and unpleasant situations into something you can groove out to.

Minnesota Nickel
Artists: Su Legatt (and team)
Minnesota Nickel challenges the “Minnesota Nice” mindset by asking participants to share a wooden coin after witnessing a nice deed. Each coin has a unique, trackable serial number. Submit your exchange story and learn more at

Artists: Nitka 
Our mission is to study, research, perform, and interpret the female communal culture of old Russia. Our songs and dances are based on the nineteenth century village tradition, but their roots are far more ancient. This is an intangible heritage that Nitka hopes to preserve.

Patti Pucker: Live from the Ice!
Artist: Patti J. Paulson 
Just what’s really happening out there on the lake? Patti Pucker from KOLD-TV reports Live from the Ice at Art Shanty Projects 2020. If there’s a story to be told, these lips are gonna tell it!

Prairie Fire Lady Choir
Artists: Prairie Fire Lady Choir
Prairie Fire Lady Choir performs a variety of covers and originals from both local and national acts including Neutral Milk Hotel, Aby Wolf, Jeremy Messersmith, Metallica and Leonard Cohen. Please sing with us!

Artists: Lucia Yess & Elisabeth Pletcher from Yess Yoga
Snow-ga is open to all ages and skill levels –­­ even if you’ve never practiced yoga before. So bundle up and join us for a 30-minute yoga class. Yess Yoga, located in Minneapolis, is an inclusive community that brings everyday magic and growth into our world to create peace. 

Stayin’ Alive
Artists: Pollinator Shanty + friends
Every day in the Town Square at 11 and 2:30pm visitors can waggle into a flash mob with fellow insects to “Stayin’ Alive.” Learn the dance for the flash mob here, or simply enjoy watching it!

Step Right Up! Voting Booth
Artist: Erika Nelson 
A marriage of carnival culture and fine art, Step Right Up! Voting Booth is an interactive sideshow-style interpretation of a voting booth. Ballots are cast through the act of throwing provided projectiles into the gaping maw of their choice of candidates, feeding the system of consumer-centric voting access.

Thakápsičapi (They Play Lacrosse)
Artists: Twin Cities Native Lacrosse 
We invite community members to learn the style, movement, and spirit of this land’s oldest team sport. Players use Ojibwe-/ Dakota- style wooden lacrosse sticks to move the ball across the ice and snow. Within each game, a reflection of life and our world is made.

That Reminds Me
Artists: zAmya Theater Troupe: Annette Bryant, Arminta Wilson, Caroline Mannheimer, Charles Hilton, Corey Walton, Esther Ouray, Greg Tromiczak, Joshua Battey, Lurch, Maren Ward, Marvin Howard, Shannon Kemp, Sol Sepulveda, Tahiti Robinson  
zAmya Theater Project builds awareness and connection between individuals who have experienced homelessness and those who have not. Join us for an intimate performance of scenes, songs and spoken word pieces off the streets – and a storytelling exercise designed to discover the experiences that connect us.

Winter Plein Air Painters
Artists: Winter Plein Air Painters (Jan 19: Colleen Cosgrove, Tom McGregor, Richard Myers, Lisa Stauffer. Feb 9: Allison Eklund, Tom McGregor, Richard Myers, Jan Wellik)
Winter Plein Air Painters demonstrate the challenges and joys — really! — of outdoor landscape painting in winter. We will “paint the town” while encouraging visitors to pick up a paint brush and discover for themselves the answer to the perennial question: does paint freeze? 

The World’s Only Tiny ArtCar Parade on ICE!
Artists: The ArtCar and ArtBike Artists of Minnesota 
Join us for the World’s Only Tiny ArtCar Parade on ICE! ArtCar and ArtBike artists believe that art is everywhere, even on a frozen lake! Visitors are invited to watch the miniature parade of audience-made remote-control Tiny ArtCars on their little ice road and marvel at the surface we’re standing on.

Schedule update: Brownbody will not be able to present their previously scheduled performances of Take Five on February 1 and 2.

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